International Film Festival Manhattan

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Quotes Being a part of the International Film Festival Manhattan 2012 was a great experience. It was well run and very well put together. It is worth checking out and has a great community. Quotes
Louis Lautman
Exec Producer, "The YES Movie" IFFM Alum 2012

Quotes IFFM is one of the last genuine forums for independent film. Filmmaker from across the globe uniting for 4 days of celebrating each other's passion projects. Luis Pedron is the Pied Piper of the indie film scene. His enthusiasm is contagious and his love of film is evident. I'm proud to be a part of this cinema shindig! Quotes
Sean Lynch (Mtv)
Executive Producer, "Tilting at Windmills," IFFM Alum 2012

Quotes Being a part of the IFFM was a truly wonderful experience. As a film-maker, the IFFM's dedication and support has been priceless. I cannot wait to be a part of their festival again this year in 2013. Quotes
Crystal Diane Stevens
Producer "Organized Criminal," IFFM Alum 2012

Quotes Dear Luis, Thank you for giving yourself, your 100% self in promulgating Independent films through your charity work, your festivals, and your tireless support to Independent Artists like myself. You have been an inspiration to many. I know that all the work that you will do in the future will bear fruits for the younger generation. I pray that you keep that fire burning. Let your passion for films continue to shine bright. Quotes
Will Fredo
Director/Producer Hubo Productions, IFFM Alum 2011 and 2012

Quotes IFFM delivers everything an indie filmmaker craves, focused attention, great screening facilities, networking events and contact with the organizers. We don not need this because we are spoiled, quite the opposite, festivals can be difficult and stressful for filmmakers and when we see a festival trying hard and coming through it creates a fantastic and supportive atmosphere. I have remained in contact with many people I met at IFFM 2012. I have screened my films at over 40 film festivals throughout the world and IFFM ranks as one of the best I have ever attended. Quotes
Darren Press
Co-Director "Theresa is a Mother" IFFM Alum 2012

Quotes On behalf of RUBY BOOBY Producer Andrew Ahn & myself, I have a IFFM testimonial for you! What a delightful surprise to discover the International Film Festival of Manhattan. Perhaps until now, a hidden gem of a festival. For a producer-actor - and in fact for anyone in the moviemaking business, I would propose that it's an utter relief and joy to come into contact with pure, undiluted enthusiasm for this industry. This is the experience of meeting IFFM co-founders Luis Pedron & Gerry Balasta - as well as their hardworking & extremely welcoming IFFM colleagues. IFFM is a festival that goes above & beyond to demonstrate its love and support of storytellers from around the world. While there, our team was heartened & moved by the IFFM display of fierce loyalty to filmmakers & their stories. Still now, our connection to this festival only strengthens and deepens. Run, don't walk to the International Film Festival of Manhattan. Quotes
Tara Samuel
Actress/Producer "Ruby Booby" IFFM Alum 2012